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Since 2018, CEC has been targeting to invest in small-medium enterprises (SMEs). With a guiding principle of “Creating Value, Powering Growth”, we seek to enhance the enterprise value of the companies that we invest in by overseeing in their management; helping them improve their operational efficiencies,and realizingtheir untapped domestic and regional growth potentials.

CEC has been focused on identifying potential portfolio companies that are distinguished in their markets, present us with significant opportunities for profitability improvements through operational value creation, and have management teams that we can work harmoniously alongside with.

CEC participates in business succession, carve-out, and capital restructuring related investment opportunities for small-medium enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia.


CEC helps genuine entrepreneurs invent new industries and disrupt existing ones. We invest in an early- to middle-stage ventures, partnering with founders seeking to invent new market categories or transform large, existing industries. 

Our sweet spot is modern farming, biotech, and internet-based start-ups.

We chase after outliers and invest only if the company has the potential to be a large, valuable, and regional business. We look more about the magnitude of the return if things work, and worry less about minimizing the risk in the early days.

We like taking risks on brilliant people and products/services. We prefer to work with founders who are either technical or domain experts in their industry. 


CEC is constantly on the lookout for good investment in the full spectrum of the property sector - from landbank holding, construction & development, and ready stock - in fast-growing areas within the Asia Pacific region, for good appreciation potential and projected cash flow. 

Our focus covers residential (especially for single family homes and condominiums) and commercial, and to a certain extent industrial properties. 

Our property sector investment is guided by prime location with good employment opportunities around the target areas, good amenities, well developed transportation infrastructure, available stocks within the vicinity, and the overall masterplan for the given area/city.


CEC desires to invest and partner in any aspect of agro sector eco-system, from supply of farming materials, production of crops, logistics and distribution, and retailing.

We build or invest in agro marketplace (upstream and downstream) providing transparency, fair trade, and user friendly environment to conduct business among various stakeholders in the sector. We invest in new farming technologies that can help farmers gain better yield and improve productivity; help distributors sell more; and allow everyone gets access to crowd funding among others.

Our agro tech investment is guided by existing system made perfect or breakthrough technology as long as they generate sustainable revenue stream.

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