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CEC’s approach to working with management teams is based on total collaboration, effective support, and high degree of transparency. We believe that the most effective relationship is one where CEC can combine its capital, financial expertise, leverage its position in various fields, and operational tools with incumbent management groups’ industry expertise, customer relationships, and product knowledge. 

One of our early questions will always be:

“What can we do to help you achieve best-in- class performance in your industry?” 

With this objective in mind, CEC strongly believes in establishing significant financial incentives for management teams so that all stakeholders have a common interest in producing strong returns to the equity owners and building an exceptional business success story. 


Corporate and Individual Integrity


Business Growth

Growth Sustainability

Enterprise Value Creation


Optimal corporate governance already in place and highest business ethics is practiced among business managers


Upkeep of growth driver based on reinforcing competitiveness via regionalization and innovation 

Sustainable growth business model backed by leading market position and competitive edge 

Continuous value creation via management efficiency, productivity improvement, and innovation 

Viable exit strategy backed by executable action plan and on-going performance monitoring 

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